Horsebox to HealthBox

Horsebox to HealthBox – can you help us?

Project aim

To convert an old horse box into a versatile consultation and treatment room: The HealthBox.
Our new mobile consultation and treatment room will be offered to clubs and sporting groups that do not benefit from an existing treatment room or facilities for physical therapies on site.

It will be used at community events to spread the awareness of complementary treatment and therapy options, for those that know little about their benefits.

We will also create a ‘reach-out’ strategy for Suffolk villages that are regarded as remote and without access to existing complementary or alternative health services. Providing those that struggle to travel independently or have limited access to public transport, to benefit from free or low cost advice and support.

What Does the HealthBox Need?

In order to carry out the work, we are seeking help from anyone willing to support the project.

Principally, the project requires funding.

Woolpit Complementary has already purchased the horsebox and is committed to paying for maintenance and most of the interior equipment or furnishings.

However, to ensure that the conversion is professionally carried out and that hardwearing, quality materials are used for the best possible finish, we’re reaching out to you for help.

The main costs in the project are:

  • Replacing wooden exterior boarding with aluminium
  • Quality insulation & pre-treated birch ply interior walls
  • Adequate flooring both washable and non-slip
  • Adaptation to points of access, for both disabled and general use
  • Generator / battery for lights, hot water and heating
  • Painting and external branding

Finally, the money raised for the conversion of our ‘Horsebox to HealthBox’ project will cover material costs only. All labour will be offered for free from various partners and any surplus money raised will be donated to St Nicholas Hospice Care.

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