Hypnotherapy: Anxiety and Negative Thoughts by Heather Fletcher

Hypnotherapy: Anxiety and Negative Thoughts

By Heather Fletcher

The benefits of Hypnotherapy can be enormous and life changing for the better. People really benefit from complete relaxation for a start. Which can give you a relief from the day to day stresses that many of us experience.

Everything that we experience in our lives is stored in our subconscious mind like a filing cabinet. Sometimes we need help to sort out issues that we are experiencing such as anxiety and negative thoughts.

Anxiety can sometimes be a symptom that has been initiated from an event that we feel uncomfortable with.  Hypnotherapy is one of many tools that helps you to understand where a situation has stemmed from and can help you clarify a situation. It can sometimes be a way of accepting a situation that you have had to cope with and can be a way of moving on.  

Hypnotherapy can give you clearance of negative thoughts, a way of finding an answer; rather than continuously recycling a problem in your mind.  Relaxation and positive suggestions to the subconscious mind are key elements to the success of hypnotherapy practise.  

Once a person is fully relaxed, the subconscious mind can be accessed where positive suggestions are worked on to make the necessary changes. Visualisation and imagination can also be influential to the successful outcome of reducing or even eliminating anxiety and negative thoughts.  

Our thoughts are incredibly powerful to us and anxiety is often a result of the negative thoughts that we feed our subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy can show you a way of alternative thinking. A way of getting to grips with an issue, in order to break the cycle of re-occurring negative information. It can help you to look at life from a new perspective; a way of thinking more positively and differently.

I often give my clients homework to do and it is important to regularly make time for the simple steps but it can make a tremendous difference to your daily life.

Hypnotherapy is also a complementary way of helping people in the long term.  It even can be considered as an alternative to medication. Providing that the person has sought advice and permission from a medical practitioner, in certain situation. Most GPs are supportive of Hypnotherapy and see it as a very powerful tool, to help people struggling with anxiety and negative thoughts.

If you are experiencing anxiety or any other issues and would like help. Please feel free to contact me for a chat to see how hypnotherapy could help you by calling: 07377676385.  

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