Taking Control

Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed by your anxieties? Living with depression?

Taking a trip to your local GP can often leave you with more questions than answers. GPs provide a phenomenal service but often don’t have the time to spend with patients experiencing any of the above.

There are cost effective ways to take control and find ways to overcome emotional illness.

One example of this is Group Therapy or Self-Help Courses.

Benefits of Group Therapy and Self-Help Courses

  • Group members may bring up issues that strike a chord with you, which you might not have been aware of or known how to bring up yourself.
  • A natural process of enhanced acceptance of self and others occurs as one learns to relate more honestly and directly with others in the group.
  • The group provides an opportunity for personal experimentation it is a safe place to risk enough to learn more about yourself.

Also, the financial element can be significantly reduced.

In a group environment, others serve as mirrors that reflect aspects of yourself that you can recognise and explicitly choose if you want to modify or change. An empowering process, filled with positive psychology.

Feeling nervous, not knowing what to expect?

It is common for people to experience some discomfort over the prospect of talking in a group initially; this initial anxiety is quite normal as most people have never been exposed to a group therapy environment and don’t know what to expect.  Almost without exception, within a few sessions people get comfortable enough to interact in the group.

Would it be better to have individual therapy?

A common myth is that groups are somehow second-rate treatment. Group therapy is recommended when your counsellor or GP believes that it is the best way to address your concerns.

You can discuss the advantages or disadvantages of a group for your particular concerns and needs with your GP or counsellor.

Find out more

Why not come along to our free talk on Stress and Anxiety Management on Saturday 7 March from 9.30am. You will be able to speak to our qualified practitioners from The Health Works as to how it may be able to help you, personally. Just call the centre on 01359 408 011 or Mark on 07709 938 223 book your place. (spaces are limited, so please do book in advance.)

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