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Medical Pedicures

Medical Pedicures - Woolpit ComplementaryEnjoy the luxury of a pedicure treatment as well as the precise care that can be expected from a foot healthcare specialist.

Tracey can treat: Bunion ● Corns and Hard Skin ● Fungal Toenail Infections ● Gout ● Plantar Fasciitis ● Heel Pain ● Ingrowing Toenails ● Metatarsalgia (Pain in the Ball of the Foot) ● Neuroma (or Morton’s Neuroma) ● Verrucas

After a warming foot bath, your nails and feet will be treated as required and massaged with oil and cooling exfoliator, to revive the skin and strengthen nails. Next is a lymphatic massage of foot and lower limb, finished with a polish of your choice or extended massage for the gentlemen.

Also available:

Foot Healthcare Appointments (only)

Manicures – Express and Luxury

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Nunn So Special As You with Tracey Nunn – Woolpit Complementary

Tracey is currently available on an ad-hoc basis by appointment only. Please call either Tracey or Woolpit Complementary on 01359 408 011 to find out availability for treatment.
  • MediPedi - Initial Consultation and Treatment 55
  • MediPedi - Subsequent appointments 45
  • Foot Healthcare only 30
  • Manicures 25-35