This page is intended to provide transparency and advice for clients and practitioners by detailing how we are managing and adapting to COVID-19.

We will be reopening by appointment only on Monday 6 July 2020.

Below are links to our current risk assessment, COVID-19 policies for practitioners and clients, as well as our posters and mandatory questionnaires.

We are working within government and WHO guidelines

Currently, the only practitioners that can return to work under strict conditions that limits who they work with and, in some cases, how they work are Acupuncturists, Hypnotherapists and Podiatrists.

Counsellor and Nutritionist services are remaining online for the time being, which helps to limit risk by reducing overall capacity at the premises.

This page will be updated any time there are changes to government guidelines and as we re-assess our requirements on a monthly basis.

Risk Assessment



Use of Masks

If you are unsure about using face masks (medical or home-made), this is a link to a very clear podcast produced by the Lancet that explains how recommendations have been made, based on the evidence available to us all.

In short, they are protective in all settings and although there is variability between the types of masks worn, there is still a significant protection when comparing wearing and not wearing a mask in community and clinic settings.

Posters You Will See